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StressMix WS 1KG

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"STRESSMIX WS A well balanced powder for oral administrations containing Vits, Minerals & essential Amino acids. Recommended for use in high demanding production stagesin Broilers & optimal egg production. Also used to manage stress in poultry during vaccination, disease, transport, extreme temperatures among others. "
"Description: Stressmix WS is a powder composed of vitamins, minerals and the amino acids glycine, lysine and methionine. Both water and fat soluble vitamins have their own specific function. Overall, these vitamins are important for carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism, growth, reproduction, immune response and can also serve as antioxidants. Minerals are essential for the proper operation of many physiological function and are involved in, for instance, bone formation, growth, immune function and egg shell formation. Lysine and methionine are essential amino acids and need to be provided in the diet. Glycine is an essential amino acids for chickens. Without sufficient amounts of amino acids, protein synthesis will be inhibited. Stressmix WS supports the animal during stress and is recommended for animals in high demandingproduction stages and for optimal egg and meat quality, muscle growth and milk production. Benefits: - Supportive during stress - Boosts the immune system - Contributes to an optimal function of the reproductive system - Improves egg and meat quality - Stimulates muscle growth - Contributes to optimal milk production - Recommended for animals in high demanding production stages - Simple administration through drinking water"

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