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Production Introduction This tool is suitable for the cultivated soil,especially the sandy soil,and suiable for the seeds like as corn,beans and so on.It can not only sowing but also can fertilizer, but can not work together.One man hold one seeder can sowing seeds 8000-10 000 per day,the efficiency is 4-5times than the manual work.Sowing seeds according to the season and time,will not delay the sowing-time,enhance the output.Especially,the hilly area where can not use the big machine,the seeder is very inportant at these areas. The tool has some excellences: 1.We can seeding 1-3 seeds by adjusting the planting plastic borad,and you can according your requirment to select the exact position and put into the plastic borad. And then you will get the exact seeder number for your planting perpose. In the meantime they have the fertilizer cannulation, you also can adjust the quantity of the fertilizer, it from 1g to 30g you can adjust. 2.It is easy to tear down the spindle and wheel,settling the trobles on the spindle and wheel's teardown and seeds-clothing's cleanout. Methods of the seeder's use 1,Put the seeds into the seeder's box, or put the fertilizer into the fertilzer's box. Using the hands to take up the seeder, insert the mouth(sowing mouth or fertilizer mouth) in the soil, then lift the seeder until the mouths leave the soil. Notice:the mouths insert into the soil until the mouth come into the soil completely. Hold the speed of the lifting, don't too quickly or slowly, if too quickly maybe the seeds or fertilizer are came out,if too slowly, the mouths close slowly, then the seeds or fertilizer which use for next wrok are not leave at the mouths, but come into the soil dangle after the former seeds or fertilizer .

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