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  1. Magnar 60L Multipurpose power sprayer

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    - 60L capacity - 50M high pressure 8.5mm spray hose with 1pc steel gun (non adjust) - 5.5hp OHV 4 stroke engine - 10/21 L/Hr flow rate - Produces fog,mist and jet

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  2. MAGNAR 160L Multipurpose power sprayer
    - Suitable for agrochemicals (Pesticide, Fungicide) & disinfectant applications to clean floor & walk paths etc (Public areas like banks, offices, shopping malls, restaurants, super markets factories and other small businesses) -150L tank capacity - 5.5hp OHV 4 stroke powerful but fuel efficient engine - Adjustable pressure knob (0-40 bars) - Produces - Mist, fog, jet (9meters) - Flow rate 10-21L/Min - Brass pump with 2 outlets for simultaneous spraying - 50m+50m high pressure spray hose with 2 guns - Return valve for uniform mixing

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