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Cholin 750 Oral

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A suspension for oral administration; rich in Vitamin B4 that is used to prevent deficiency symptoms like petrosis, fatty acid syndrome, reduced hatchability, reduced egg size and reduced fertility in sows.
" Choline belongs to the water soluble vitamin B-complex and is also known as vitamin B4. The nutritional importance of choline is recognised for many years and choline is commonly used as a feed additive for animals. Choline has three main functions: 1) Choline is necessary for integrity of cell membranes and involved in cell signalling, 2) Choline is essential for the synthesis of acetylcholine, which is necessary for the transmission of nerve impulses, and 3) Choline is a methyl donor important for normal fat metabolism within the liver and prevents abnormal fat accumulation in the liver (fatty liver). The bioavailability of choline in raw materials used in animal feed is variable. Therefore, supplementation with Cholin-750 Oral helps to provide adequate levels of choline in the diet. Deficiency problems, like perosis in poultry, might be avoided when using Cholin-750 Oral. Benefits: - Complement diets low in choline - Contributes to normal fat metabolism in the liver - Prevents abnormal fat accumulation in the liver (fatty liver) - Prevents perosis in poultry - Simple administration through drinking water Packaging: Bottle of 1000 ml and jerrycan of 5 litres."

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